Blue Manolo Blahnik Shoe Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas


I'm a little biased since these were my wedding shoes, but how fun is this canvas? Switch up the color to truly make the shoe your own, or enjoy the *chef's kiss* perfect blue Vineyard Silk thread color to truly give this canvas the perfect sheen. 

The design is perfect to make into an ornament or a fun patch for a bag. The white silk lamé braid card is provided to give the perfect sparkle background to make the shoe pop!

Blue Manolo Blahnik stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 18 mesh
PVC zip pencil project bag
Size 22 DMC tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Vineyard Silk and Rainbow Gallery threads

Blue Background: Vineyard Silk Limoges #C-088 // Lot 330
Black Bottom Trim:  Vineyard Silk  Jet Black #C-111 // Lot 360
Inside Shoe:  Vineyard Silk Biscotti #C-044 // Lot 318
Inside Seam:  Vineyard Silk Glow #C-030 // Lot 244
White Tag:  Vineyard Silk Bright White #C-109 // Lot 350
Silver Buckle: Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks F5
Dark Grey Sparkle:  Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks FT37
Black Sparkle:  Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks F31
Background Color: Rainbow Gallery Silk Lamé Braid SL02

Continental Stitch throughout

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