Carpe Diem Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

Seize the day! Based on a family saying, the Carpe Diem canvas is sure to inspire you to book that vacation, say yes to that project, or buy that canvas. This versatile design can be finished as a tray, framed, or made into a zip pouch so you can seize every day!
What’s Included in the Kit
Carpe Diem stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 13 mesh
PVC zip project bag
Size 22 Bohin tapestry needle
Needle threader (how-to guide here)
Seam ripper
Planet Earth Silk threads
Threads Used
PE Silk 081 Aruba - 17 strands used
PE Silk 075 Foam - 17 strands used
PE Silk 026 Withered Rose - 17 strands used
PE Silk 194 Cinder - 18 strands used
PE Silk 097 Cloud - 51 strands used
Stitches Recommended
Basketweave used on all letters 
Continental used on white lines on top and bottom
Damask used on background
Satin used on all colored horizontal lines on top and bottom

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