How-To: Cutting a Skein

When you're starting your needlepoint canvas, the first step is preparing your thread. Most skeins will come in a twisted loop like you see here. Then you simply unwind and cut accordingly. Over time you'll figure out what works best for you and your project. 


Whenever you cut your skein, make sure to save your color tag. This tag has your color name, designer, thread number, and dye lot, which will be necessary if you ever need more thread. I like to keep a little thread attached to the tag so I can color match when I need to!

This will save you a lot of hassle in the future. After you cut and prepare your skein, make sure you tie half in a loose knot. I do this so the thread doesn't knot itself when I'm not using it, and so it stays accessible when the time comes to get more threads. 

Do you have any other questions? Let me know down blow!

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