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penny linn collective
Welcome to the official launch of Penny Linn Collective! 

Under the umbrella of Penny Linn Designs comes The Collective, a hub for emerging needlepoint designers. Our mission is simple: we let designers design and we take care of the rest. From production, to marketing, stitching, kitting, selling, and wholesaling, The Collective does it all for you.

After the successful launch of Penny Linn Designs last September, we took stock of what we needed to do in order to grow further in 2021. Our biggest pain point was keeping stock and providing fresh, relevant, and classic needlepoint designs to our customers. And after talking to fellow needlepoint designers -- new and old -- their biggest issues were in production of canvases, marketing, and platform growth. From there came an idea...

The Collective. 
A way to bring our platform, marketing tools, and production to designers who are new, emerging into the industry, or who have outside full-time jobs that don't allow them to grow to their full potential. You design and we handle the rest -- it's that simple!

In July The Collective will test launch with our first two designers, but will look to bring on more in the near future. If interested in applying or for more information, please email with the subject line: "PLC x Your Name".


  • Marguerite Alison White

    Looking for subjects and designs that arent the traditional ‘twee’ and cutesie cartoon figures, so looking forward to fresher concepts. I belong as a board member to ANG chapter group, as well as Needlepoint Nation (16K members) on FB.

  • Madeleine

    This is so exciting!

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