Friends Pivot Couch Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

There is so much you can do with this canvas between the different stitches and great finishing options. I tried out some new fancy stitches on my own canvas and it really brought the couch to life!!

I think I'd like to finish this as a couch pillow (because, why not?) but it is almost pretty enough to frame! This is one of the bigger pieces we have in the shop. It uses a lot of thread, so that's why you may notice the kit price is a little higher than the others. You get four full skeins plus a ton more extra thread. I have to admit, I think I found the perfect Vineyard Silk thread to match the famous couch. 

Friends Pivot Couch stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 18 mesh
PVC zip pencil project bag
Size 22 DMC tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Vineyard Silk threads

Main Couch Color: Vineyard Silk Maple Syrup #C-194 // Lot 336
Black Outlines + Lettering:  Vineyard Silk Jet Black #C-111 // Lot 360
Dark Brown Trim:  Vineyard Silk Dark Earth #C-042 // Lot 356
Lighter Brown Back Diagonals:  Vineyard Silk Toasted Almond #C-037 // Lot 332
Front Box Trim:  Vineyard Silk Kahlua #C-188 // Lot 332
Red Color Box:  Vineyard Silk Holiday #C-007 // Lot 356
Blue Color Box:  Vineyard Silk Sapphire #C-207 // Lot 280
Yellow Color Box:  Vineyard Silk Custard #C-164 // Lot 164
Background Color:  Vineyard Silk Bright White #C-109 // Lot 360

Main Couch Color: Brick Stitch on the lower half, Lazy Kalem on back, Satin Stitch on the cushion. 
Black Outlines + Lettering:  Continental
Dark Brown Trim: Continental, Buttons are French Knots
Lighter Brown Back Diagonals:  Continental
Front Box Trim:  Continental
Red Color Box:  Continental
Blue Color Box:  Continental
Yellow Color Box:  Continental

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  • Lenoir R.

    Hi! I am just about to complete this canvas and was wondering if you had any suggestions on finishing? I am making this as a 30th birthday present for my best friend (we’ve watched friends together for 20 years). I was thinking of framing it, but have not looked around yet for a frame. Do you have any suggestions on specific frames? Loved your links for the Ralph’s finishing ideas!

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