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Hi I’m Evelyn Henson and I currently live in Charlotte, NC!


When did you first hear about needlepoint? What inspired you to want to enter the needlepoint world?
Seeing needlepoint canvases on instagram first piqued my interest in the craft. I remember screenshotting things like a “please leave by nine pillow” and “press for champagne.” I love how needlepoint grounds everything whimsical and quirky into something that feels classic and homey. 

What design of yours are you most excited to see translated into needlepoint?
I cannot wait to see how all of the dogs translate! 


What made you want to paint your own pieces?
I’ve always loved translating my art on different mediums. Whether it’s needlepoint, a scarf, or a coffee mug, I find it challenging and inspiring to to paint for different surfaces. 

Describe your designs in three words:
colorful, whimsical, and happy

What inspires you most when creating new designs?
I love how Picasso said “inspiration exists but it has to find you working” because I often find that the more I paint, the more inspired I am by my surroundings. To some degree, it depends on what I’m working on as that informs what imagery I surround myself with and pay attention to. If I’m painting a botanical subject, I am always more struck by the foliage on a walk. If I’m designing a card for a friend, then I start noticing more of their quirks and interests to incorporate into the work.
What has been your favorite series to paint?
Always dogs because it’s so personal to me as someone who came from a dog loving family. Every year I paint a dog calendar and hide my family’s childhood dogs in it for my sisters to find. I get so much joy from painting it and hope that comes through in the art. 

What has been your favorite series to see living in other people’s homes?
It’s such a joy to see anything I’ve created living in someone’s homes—not sure I could ever pick a favorite :) 


Where is your favorite place to paint?
Anywhere I can add flowers to!

If you're not painting watercolor you're...
On a long walk! 
What three items do you always have in your everywhere bag?
Jack Black chapstick, sunglasses, and airpods.

What shows are you currently watching?
A lot of Law and Order and SVU reruns! Also recently finished Silos on Apple TV.

What is your favorite podcast?
How’d She Do That 

Who is your favorite artist or non-artist follow on Instagram right now?
Rebecca Frye Design

If time and money were no issue, what type of water color project would you want to do?
Time is always the biggest factor for me and I have so many things I would create if I just had more time! I really love painting butterflies, cutting them out, and gluing just the body onto the surface so that the wings float off the page a bit. I’ve done several small iterations of this, but I really want to make time for a larger version. Sometimes I even think about gluing them onto the walls of a botanical mural in my bathroom. I also would love to learn to press flowers and incorporate those into my work. 

What inspires you creatively?
Thinking about what I can paint to brighten someone’s day.

What are you most excited about in 2024?
Getting married! :) 

Where can people find your designs?  

Where can people follow you on social?
@evelyn_henson on instagram and tiktok

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  • Tracey Mangano

    Are the floral canvases Evelyn is painting in her picture on this email available for sale ?

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