About Penny Linn Designs

Established in 2020, Penny Linn Designs began from the love of needlepoint, founded on the memory of my grandmother, and created in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City.

Penny Linn Designs is a new-age needlepoint store offering hand-painted canvases, accessories, ideas, tips, and insider information to help anyone fall in love with needlepointing.

The driving factor behind the creation of Penny Linn Designs came out of a desire for things that weren't readily available. From specific needlepoint designs to affordable project bags and beyond, we hope you're able to find something unique in our shop.

Our goal is also to be a resource for needlepoint information for everyone; from beginners looking to start a new craft, to advanced stitchers looking for their next project. We hope that you'll head over to our blog to learn more!

Penny -- Named after my Grandma and her famous family card game, Six Penny. She is also known to leave me pennies from heaven.

Linn -- My middle name before marriage. No longer part of my name, but will now forever be part of my life.

Gardenia Flower -- When brainstorming logo ideas my grandmother came to me in a dream and told me to use a Gardenia flower. She always had bushes of them in her backyard in Bakersfield, CA where I would spend my summers growing up. They are the most distinct memory I have of her and am instantly reminded and taken back any time I smell them.