Chicago Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

In honor of the city, we call home, this Chicago canvas covers all of the major landmarks! This canvas can be stitched in traditional tent stitches (basketweave or bust) or you can utilize specialty threads such as flair to liven up some of the letter.
Chicago stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 13 mesh
PVC zip project bag
Size 22 Bohin tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Vineyard Silk Wool Threads
VS Limoges M-1088 (C) – 4 strands used
VS Bright White M-1109 (C) – 3 strands used
VS Holiday Red M-1007 (C, I, C, O) - 4 strands used
VS Paloma M-1105 (H, O) – 4.5 strands used
VS Steel Grey M-1106 (H, A) - 5 strands used
VS Granite M-1108 (H) - 3 strands used
VS Jet Black M-1111 (H, A) – 2.5 strands used
VS Coral Cloud M-1020 (I, G) - 8 strands used
VS Emerald M-1063 (I) - 1 strands used
VS Fern M-1062 (I) - 1 strands used
VS Custard M-1164 (I) - 1 strands used
VS Spice M-1029 (I, G) - 2 strands used
VS Sky M-1085 (C, O) - 10 strands used
VS Orange Burst M-1220 (G) - 3 strands used 
Background thread 6 rows around each side: about 1.5 skeins. I used Planet Earth Cloud.
Basic tent stitch used on the entire canvas
Check out Emily’s Stitchery’s Stitch Guide for this canvas

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